Windsor was my first Olympic tri back in 2003 ! and I have done it most year’s since then. I entered again at the end of last year out of habit. As some of you know, this has now been a good year for me to say the least. After doing the Melbourne Muffin Man in December, run in conjunction as part of the Saltman series, training effectively came to a halt with no Oz tris and a speedy return to Lewes. Training of a sort resumed in Feb. but nothing on the bike except the turbo, and no spring sprint tris.

One bike ride with Pete and Alison, with 2 punctures for me and one for Pete, all in 90 minutes plus stoppages, and Windsor beckoned two weeks later. I had booked ‘on the day’ racking, which saved time away from home. Spurred on by the memory of Richard Pett who did an ironman a few years back on 5-6 hours training pw, I was ready as I could be on minimal training.

On the day they told us the bike had ano 2 k added because of road works and a cool, damp day beckoned. A river start and 50m later my goggles filled with water, a stop to adjust, repeated ano couple of time and I finally took them off and swam without them, not as difficult as I expected. Lesson no 1, make sure you know you have the correct goggles, not the new pair. A good swim for me, especially good fun catching the back markers of my wave who had shot on ahead of me at the start, then out the water for the long transition run and out on the bike. Through suburbia for a few hundred meters then right turn at the roundabout and my back wheel jammed, fortunately I didn’t come off. Took it out, fiddled and tried to get it back but no joy and became very frustrated as time passed. I finally realized I had put the spring on the skewer the wrong way round on my race wheels when I came back from Oz. Of course I had not tested the bike before the race, lesson no 2, road test your bike before the event. Anyhow off I went on crowded roads, held up by a horse box, passed by lots drafting, but didn’t see the ‘horse’ incident. Back in to transition with a slowish but acceptable bike time and out on the run. Last year I blew up on the third lap, which is now a lumpier course up the hill with Queen Victoria looking on, past the castle and up and down Long Walk (as seen in the Royal Wedding). So this year I took it easier on the uphill bits and did a goodish run and actually felt quite good on laps 2 and 3. Lesson no 3 take it easy uphills. A good over all result (again for me), and 3 lessons to remember for next time, I am sure there will be one as I won £50 towards a future entry fee so how could I turn that down.