Many of you will have heard this tale before, but in the spirit of encouraging others to write reports of their tris, runs etc here we go again.

Windsor tri is my my favourite/annual and indeed my first Olympic tri many years ago, as far back as 2003. I had good swim trading in the run up to the tri, with some running and limited bike training, primarily on the turbo, and lots of resting, with my training week dropping to 5-6 hours. And no warm weather training in Oz.

Come the better weather I tested my wet suit, unused since last year, at the Pells lido in Lewes the week before the race and it split down the side! fortunately the Tri Store, one of our sponsors, had a new one my size which I could then try out before race day.

On race day it was cool with showers promised, and some 1500 starters. When we got to the river start, we were told it was a balmy 15.8’ in the water!. At the start we had to hang on to the pontoons as the current was so strong and we would have all been zooming across the line well before the gun. Anyhow the klaxon sounded and off we went for a fast first 1,000m to the turn, I was only caught by the next wave just before turn, quite satisfying for me. Then we almost came to a halt trying to swim back against the current, it was like trying to swim pass Embassy Court in Hove on a bad day when there was a strong current. Anyhow I passed some of the swimmers in my wave on the way back and was really pleased with the time on my watch (I had misread it by 6 minutes!) and what was a slowish time. Then into the long transition, I was quite quick and with a 5 minute run to the bike start, just ten seconds down on last year’s T1. The bike course had been altered again and seemed harder, not helped by rain showers. A slowish bike then ano good transition, and out on to the three lap run, up the hill to the Castle, then down and along the Long Walk, turn and go back up to the Castle and down to turn, and do it all again 2 more times. As a non runner I counted the number of runners I was passing the each lap, and it was as high as double figures on one lap! A good run time for me, a whole 10 secs faster than last year. So now resting and will try a few running races later in the year. And doubtless another Windsor tri, and report, next year