Windsor, again

Windsor Tri
As you may know this is one of my favourite and regular Olympic distance races, indeed it was my tenth time there. The weather was forecast to be hot and indeed it was, with a hot slow journey there on the Saturday when racking takes place for the 2000 or so starters. The swim changed 3 years ago and is now downstream for about 1k then 500m back up. The water temp was 20’ so wet suits were optional, but not for me, I needed all the buoyancy I can get. A small wave of us oldies, with two over 80, started thwindsore swim, which went reasonably well, but nowhere near as good a last year. Sighting was a bit of an issue a couple of times with murky goggles and the sun, finding the right line to go with the river flowing round assorted bends makes a big difference, must try harder next time. Good T1 and off on the bike, again a changed route with part of the lap being repeated (off Drift Road for those of you who have done it before) with quite a lot of drafting taking place inc. a threesome who passed me and then stayed in sight working together for a few miles. But biking is my ‘strength’ so it was good to be passing people all the time. T2 fine, then off on the run with the temp rising into the high 20s and high humidity. Again a new run inc. further uphill section past the castle, then down to the tree lined ‘long walk’ in the park. Very scenic but oh so hot.. This meant more ‘hills’, really drags up beyond the normal hill and back up the long walk and up to the castle. The first of three laps was ok, then on lap 2 and 3 the long walkIMG_1836 induced a couple of brief walks on the as I was knackered and or over heating, followed by a very sedate sprint to the finish line. So a slow time, but second in a small field cheered me up, and never again I said at the time. But of course I will do it again, esp. as I go up an age group next year. A great, event which I thoroughly recommend if you haven’t done it before.

Richard (Oz)