This was arranged without my permission. Alison knows all about my “Weirwood Nose”. It troubles me during the hayfever season and makes my life (and hers) miserable for days afterwards. But she went ahead and booked it anyway. A 4.5km swim around the lake, stopping off to regroup, look at the surroundings and to picnic. I started the day with an achy shoulder, itchy eyes and a wheezy chest, great start. Still, I was committed so decided to enjoy it anyway and we did. So much!  Conditions were perfect, if a little sunny for me, and certainly, after 10 mins standing chatting at our first stop, I had to retire to the cool water.  We stopped and found deer tracks, lots of water fowl poo, dragonflies, damsel flies and myriad tiny fish,

jumping out of the water being chased by bigger fish. One of our number was dive bombed by birds thinking that her hat was a slow moving fluorescent fish…

Then we saw multiple herons – 5 of them swooping and diving just ahead of us as we approached a reed bed, they were then joined by a cormorant. Idyllic.  We had two ribs and a canoe for twelve of us. Overkill may

be but they carried lunch which we enjoyed at the far end of the swim.  We then had the advantage of a nice push for about 500m on the way back.  It was so nice just to swim in a general direction and not be worried about sighting buoys, just landmarks. Anyway, I realise that not all folks are retired but it was just a fantastic day out and if you get the chance to play hookey then take it.  Oh, and it was nice not to be last. There was no “last” we all swam together in friendship and fun.

Pete & Alison.