OK so having missed one event which I had already paid for due to illness. I was not going to miss another.  So despite very little bike training and a dodgy calf I thought I would give it a go.  Even if I could not manage the run.  I knew that it would not be pretty.So Sunday arrived all warmth and sunshine.  The water temperature in the lake was 20.5 so wet suits were optional.  Pete was very proud of me for choosing not to wear one.  The swim at least to the first two buoys was lovely and not cold at all.  However on the turn it was directly into the sun and I could not see anything including swimmers in front.  I carried on hoping that I was going in the right direction and met one of the safety canoes.  I was then guided the buoy I was way over to the right.  A long hobble to transition followed and then a very long transition as I faffed about with calf guards socks and shoes.  Out on the bike which starts with a steep climb up to the road and then more climbing for the first 12K.  All went well until I misjudged a hill, was in too high a gear and then could not change down.  (I blame the mechanic) I came to a grinding halt and had to walk up the rest of the hill.  Got back on the bike and finished the bike with no further mishaps.

The run was never going to be pretty.  So I hobbled around the three laps of the lake very slowly whilst the world and his wife overtook me.  If I had not been in pain with my calf the run would have been really nice -through the woods and around the lake.  Eventually made it to the finish and got my medal.  Was delighted to find that I was not actually last.