Steyning tri snow 08

After some dithering I decided I would enter the long race 800/35/8, rather than the short, as it would be a good test for my upcoming, annual Windsor Olympic distance Tri in June.
Unfortunately I had a bad cold the week before (excuse no 1) so I had an extended taper/ease down before the race. When the start list was published I was cheered to find I was in what was now called the Vintage category, sounded posh, but does it sound as good or fast as Super Vet, actually I am not so sure. The disconcerting news was that my swim start was 6.30 so it was super early alarm call. The weather was forecast to be cool and windy and so it turned out on the day.
After an ok swim and quick run to the bike, I stuffed a magazine down my front, as an old style cycling wind break, and added a warm weather top on and speeded to the mount line There I was pulled up with ‘where is your number?’. A dash back to get my race belt (copying or preceding Alison at HH ?) I had to scrabble in my bag, fortunately it was not in the bag drop, to find the race belt with the number pinned on it. My only excuse (No2) was that at my last 4 races in Oz I didn’t need one so forgot to put it out. Anyhow out on the bike, a very lumpy course, I caught someone straight away then it was a lonely ride into a headwind, and then benefiting from a tail wind with a few stretches of the A24 having a really good road surface which was encouraging. Back along the Steyning bypass in to the wind my saddle broke, (Excuse no 3). I wasn’t sure what happened as I could still ride on a wobbly saddle and thought if I stopped to look I would give up. A tail wind eased my way back to transition. On racking the bike the saddle dropped off, but there was no stopping to examine it for a fast transition. Then off on the run round Steyning, feeling ok, being passed regularly on the hill to Wiston house and then back to the finish. Overall an ok swim time, bike time only 1 min slower than 6 years ago, and a plodding run time. But I enjoyed it. Now for sorting out the saddle, and for Windsor.
ps There have been no photos so I couldn’t resist a previous Steyning Tri photo when it was really cold 10 years ago !
Richard (Oz)