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2017 Uckfield Spring Triathlon Report

A good turn out from the club for this one; the first of the season (for me anyway).  Participants were Sean, Sarah, Jo, Pete, Nick and myself.  Although when yours truly got out of the car and shivered I was beginning to regret it.

The flume was working at the start of the swim and the offer was there to have a go.  Only two contestants opted for this.  I bet you can guess which Brighton Multisports member took up the option.   Afterwards he was heard muttering tri suits aren’t slippery.

The actual swim was a double snake swim 8 lengths then out back to the start for another 8 lengths.  Brian had made us practise this the Saturday before so all was well.  Pete being rather optimistic had put a swim time the same as minUckfield April_002_2e so he was placed behind me with Sarah being the meat in the sandwich.  He did not catch me despite me being held up quite a bit.  Nick, Sean and Jo  all started quite a time after us.

The bike was going fairly well until I got held up by some Lewes Wanderers heading for a TT event along the same course.  This allowed Pete to overtake me, still I was quite pleased when one of the TT riders shot past me and then shot past Pete.  The course is a two lap course and last year Sean appeared to forget this and headed back to Uckfield after one lap.  I got the blame for this (according to Nick) as I had had to stop and wUckfield April_002_3alk back (shoe/cleat trouble) and apparently distracted him.  No such errors were made this time.

The run course is two laps and quite short  3.5K in total, including a rather nasty hill.  It was here that I got overtaken near to the end of the 1st lap by Pete on his way to the finish Grr.  I then got overtaken by Jo as I was struggling up the hill for the second time and then by Sean as I was about to finish.

Rachel and Rebel were there to see us all finish with Rebel  who obviously knew us as she cheered us in.  Although her biggest cheers were reserved for Nick.