The Saltman – Brexit Edition

An exclusive event planned for Sun 9th October 2016.
This is the 4th edition of this now sought after race, soon to be included in every serious triathlete’s bucket list.
Saltdean’s premier middle distance triathlon.

The course:
2.2km Sea swim Saltdean – Rotters & Back. Kyak support courtesy of Paulsaltman2-2013_04_09-15_59_06-UTC-
84.763 km Bike (Pete’s Garmin set to “scenic”) Taking in the glories of Peacehaven and the picturesque C7, Lewes & all stations north before the flat downhill run via the quaint village of Ditchling back to Saltdean
21km Run. The absolute distance is a matter of current dispute but Google says 21km and who are we to argue (Cat?)
All this and an after party that you’ll want to tell your grand children about.
Entries strictly by invitation only – apply to Pete, Jon or Hildi
Enquiries to:

Notes on the swim

The Saltman is being held later in the year than hitherto.  This increases the risk of dodgy weather.  All editions so far have been held in balmy conditions so here’s hoping.  The tide on the 9th Oct is low at 10.40.  This is why we are making an 8.30 start.  There should be a healthy tug in one direction or another.  No-one has yet produced a definitive statement on which way the current goes.  There seem to be random local affects at play.  Suffice to say that whenever Pete has done it, the current appears to be heading east on the way out and west on the way back so plan for that.  Paul Winter has very kindly offered to provide kayak cover on the day.  He is not in the business of retrieving folks from the Briney and if you have a bladder, then this will contribute to the fun and increase your likelihood of seeing T1.

If the sea conditions are marginal then we will commence  widths of the Summer Beach.  The summer beach is approx 120m wide so look to doing 16 widths (that’s out & back 8 times).

Everyone competes on the assumption that they are experienced sea swimmers and can look after themselves. Skins are welcomed. Or should I say, wetsuits are tolerated.

The Bike

Much has been written about the bike route.  Yes it is quite tough but infinitely rewarding. It is assumed that you know about the new cycle path which goes alongside the Falmer Road. Use it, unless you are very precious about your tyres. Actually, use it anyway.  The Falmer Road is s**t.  If you have studied the pdf or Word docs then you really cannot go wrong but if you want to be sure then download the GPX as well here.  It works fine on Garmin and Android.  If it plays up on iOS then that’s your problem for buying an Apple product.

The Run

The new run last year has been superseded by the “newer run”.  This is because the council are still installing Polyfilla in the breakwater and they have a big crane straddling our route.  So, the route will now allow you to marvel at  the ASDA  goods in/out facility, count the number of rats which strayed too close to the edge of the cliff above you and search for reasons as to why the Council allowed the building of the latest additon to the Brighton Skyline and I don’t mean the i.   Anyway, there may be a drinks station run by smaller Mitchells and an even smaller dog.  If it appears, then it will either be at the start/finish or at Asda.  My money is on start/finish.

The route is out from T2, left after the tunnel exit and run 600m to the cliff wall, turn and run all the way to the end of the chain link at ASDA, return, touch the wall and repeat. You will finish opposite the tunnel.  So, you will touch the wall twice.  That’s about exactly 21km.

 Timing and Arrangements

There will be chips timing. But only if the cafe opens early enough, otherwise I’ll bring sandwiches and a stopwatch.  Arrive in good time for the briefing and park in the Recycling Car Park, not the Tavern Car Park. There will be a briefing at 08.00 in the car park and a second swim briefing at T1.  T1 will be to the left of the tunnel entrance.  Apparently the Rise 8km will be happening and they will use the area we normally allocate to T1.  After the swim, Pete will put all of your stuff in a pile in T2 which is the car park.  Please label your bags to avoid confusion.  Upon arrival in T2, as well as putting your running shoes on, you will also be required to stow your belongings including your bike securely in or on your car.  Pete will then cheer you from the tunnel.  Finishers of the run will be required to cross a largely ceremonial line of salt on the prom in order to be crowned true “Saltpeople”.

Hildi will post details of any fun to be had after the event which will include the goody bags, T-shirts (if required) and prizes.

Risk Sentiment

We really, really hope that everyone makes it back.

Weren’t we lucky?
Fantastic weather, great competition, wonderful sea conditions and a fantastic group of folks.
Thanks to all who took part and thanks to Paul for water cover, Hildi for the food and goody bags and the Mitchells for the usual lovely after party. Report to follow. Meantime, here are pics: