Saltman: Winter Grit

Saltdean’s Premier Shortest Day TriathlonWinter Grit

Entered so far with teams:

Hildi, Al, Alison

Jill, Darren, Cat

Emma, Vicki, Clare

Dan, Teresa, Barry

Ollie, Matt – Swim

Solo: Nick, Tom, Jon, Pete

Finalised details:
Place – Winter Beach, Saltdean Prom – Park in the pub car park, go through the tunnel, turn left, the winter beach is opposite the beach huts.
Date – Sun 18th Dec. ┬áStart 10.00, arrive for briefing no later than 09.30 at the winter beach.
Swim – two widths of the winter beach
T1 – swimmers to change into dry socks and shoes then sprint to tunnel entrance in order to tag the cyclist
Bike – Run through tunnel then cross on to road to the west of the lido – 10.4km around the back of Saltdean
T2 – Cyclists arrive in car park and tag runner
Run to Ovingdean, turn at Cafe and return, 5km
There will also be an intellectual challenge for all competitors before crossing the finish line
Prizes – there will be no prizes
After Party: Saltdean Tavern – see email with details for confirmation.

Swim – we want everyone to be safe so please don’t enter the water if you doubt your ability in the conditions.
Wetsuits are recommended if you are not conditioned to the cold. Temperature is still around 9 degrees which is pretty good for the time of year but bloody cold if you are not used to it. You will swim more slowly in the cold so don’t underestimate the challenge.
If we think that it is too rough, we will cancel the swim and set an alternative challenge – which will still involve water and getting wet. The links show the upper limit of the conditions. We won’t swim if it is rougher than this video RIMG0420 or this pic.

Bike/Run – these will go ahead whatever the weather so be prepared to be cold & wet.
The bike is hilly, muddy and away from civilization – you will be on your own.
There are pics of the bike route to show you the way.
You must be familiar with the route and if necessary, take a map. Please take a phone with you in case you have a problem. We will give you a number to ring.
Don’t go crazy.

The run is safe and easy – should be no problem.

Please bring:
a hot drink plus food
a foil blanket of you have one
a phone
warm clothes to change into
money for the caff – if it is open
a camera

What you need to do now is to send us a name for your team – please send this to Hildi.

Watch now: – Pete’s guide to the Winter Grit bike route.

Nb – hit the left arrow to start from the car park (which is where we start)

Alternatively – download a PDF here

Saltman Commitee