Oz productions is proud to run Melbourne Man again in 2017 as part of the global programme of Saltman events, complementing ‘Winter Grit’ in the UK. Having seen off competition from Ironman Melbourne, which only lasted 2 years, this is now Melbourne’s premier event for international competitors. In recognition of its third great year, with its unique format of swim, bike, coffee, and now muffin stop, bike and then run it is being relabelled ‘ Melbourne Muffin Man’.
The 2017 event was again run over several days given the demanding nature of the event, the need for enjoyment, and the local weather conditions, with temperatures ‘only’ in the mid 20s.
This year the swim was a 1600m pyramid, modelled on Brian’s Saturday swims. Next came the bike with the outward leg into the wind in the direction of Antarctica, with a round- about turn, and a fast ride back towards the ‘red centre’, with the compulsory coffee and Muffin stop coming after 30k, with your correspondent first into transition as seen in the photo. The twenty minute break was managed with ease, and then the last 10k bike, before a 27 minutes (distance yet to be confirmed) run along the Yarra River, well not actually on the river, rather along the river bank, passing the MCG, home for the Boxing Day Ashes test. A good race with satisfactory coffee, muffin and times being recorded and the Brighton Multisports Club name held proud. Now for the 2018 season starting with the St Kilda sprint in mid January.
Happy new year to all

PS                                                                                                                                                          ‘The course, coffee and muffin standards have been checked by the official Saltman organiser on a quick verification trip to Melbourne and found to be of high standards’