It’s important that we keep the noticeboard looking fresh with reports of recent events. Nothing speaks of a moribund club more than an outdated noticeboard.

Remember that VirginActive have been very good in allowing us a large and prominent board – we have to make the most of it! Please help us to keep the board updated by putting up your own reports. You can download either report format by clicking below.

As a guide – keep to this font (Arial) and make it no less than 12pt.  14pt or greater is best, otherwise people can’t easily read it. This may mean a bit of editing – we need 450 words max to comfortably go on the template.  Always include a picture or at least a logo for the event if at all possible.If you can’t be doing with all that, just mail it to and we’ll do it for you.

BMC template final landscape

BMC template final portrait