jan-1st_002What to do? A New Years dip or Park Run?  Why not both? Actually, there are two Park Runs. Why not both? So that was the plan.  Alison was keen for a couple of 5k runs as were Cat and Jane and Dave – Jane’s partner.  Strangely, the only enthusiasm for a seasonal dip came from Pete. So, rejecting the prospect of  New Year lie in, Alison accompanied Pete to the beach at Hove Prom, although why she was there, she had no idea since she had stated that there was no way she was going in to pull Pete out in case of difficulties, so the best she could do would be to watch him go under and to vouch for the fact that he hadn’t resurfaced.  Alison does a good line in looking coljan-1st_002_2d and miserable and today, she didn’t disappoint.

The fish box did sterling service in making a the beach a warm and homely place.  Pete no longer knows how he can swim without it.  The conditions did not allow for a great deal of swimming.  At times like these, the “swim” can be broken down into three stages: waiting for a break in the waves to get in; plunging through the surf and attempting to swim across the breaking wjan-1st_002_3aves, having fun diving through the waves; and then trying to decide when enough is enough and thinking about how to get out again without being tumbled and spat out on to the pebbles like a piece of jetsam from a passing trawler.

The next piece of fun was dressing and getting warm again in time for the run.  Conditions were “sub-optimal” for a fresh winter run but in the normal fashion, runners appeared as if from the air a couple of minutes before kick off.  Cat appeared with Ruby, ready for some serious canine racing in preparation for the Moyleman.  Marianne was spotted and also in the line up were Jane and Dave.  The Hove Prom PR is actually a nice flat two lap run, the only difficulty is in parting with 2 quid for parking.  Pete ran a measured race, doing his best not to inflict further damage to dodgy lungs, Alison found a run/walk guide and looked like she had a thoroughly food time.  Jane and Dave nattered relaxedly throughout the run.  One run down and then all adjourned to Hove Park for part two.  Same arrangement except that the by now the weather had deteriorated further.  This didn’t deter a decent turn out which included a fair few folk who clearly had nothing better to do than to run a second 5k that morning.

Pete managed a negative split by around two minutes, inviting the lungs to work a bit harder whilst Cat, having come 6th human female and 1st bitch on the Prom, relaxed a little for the hillier edition.  Alison gave herself an easy target for improvement by contriving to come almost last (yes it was deliberate). Jane and Dave again had a nice sociable time.  All in all, some useful benchmarks laid down for the season ahead and as usual, a lot of fun.