Nick remembered the battery for his gears but this time forgot the bike

There are reasons why I have not entered this event for the past two years.

  1. It is too soon after  the Brighton Marathon
  2. It is usually too cold.
  3. And probably the real reason, the run is truly horrible.

So for this year;  Reason 1 – not applicable as I did not finish the marathon.  Reason 2 – not applicable as Uckfield was completed last week.   Reason 3 -I had forgotten just how bad the run is.

Another good turnout from the club.  Nick, New member Sara, Sheena , Fran and Megan.  With Pete opting to marshal and was placed guarding the bags in transition.  (Who also threatened to get me DQ’d for abusing the Marshal.)

There was a long wait for the swim as the Standard entry swimmers had to complete their longer swim  Followed by us in the sprint.  Fran, Sheena and Sara were placed just behind me in the queue with Nick and Megan (looking very bored) some way behind.

Fran overtook me just over half way through and kindly gave me a tow to pretty much the end.

We'll definitely be doing this one!

We’ll definitely be doing this one!

A slow transition as I dressed for the weather and promptly forgot my race belt.  Had to stop and get it.  All videoed by Pete but fortunately he forgot to press the record button so nobody will be able to see this.

Out on the bike I remembered another reason why I don’t like this race.  Too many roundabouts (I hate them).  Also it is a two lap course and lap one never seems to end.  Lap two always seems a bit quicker.  That however does not help whilst still on lap one.  So got overtaken by Fran, Sheena, Nick and Megan.

The run (or in my case run/walk) is either up or down but never flat.  I was gamely trying  to run up the hills and then realised many other people were walking and I was not gaining on them – indeed they were walking faster than my running.  At this point I decided I may as well walk the hills as well.  (It is a 3 lap course).  Got over taken by all club members and the world and his wife.  Eventually finished – fortunately not quite last.

The good news is that four of  the female club members walked away with a trophy – yes even me. (3rd in the super vet category).  I am awaiting the results to see if there were only  3.