Here are the events for the 2018 Multisports championship.  For the first time there will be fun bonus points for participants in the Saltman events – for all disciplines including safety cover and marshalling.

The final event of 2018 is likely to be after the club Xmas party, so points gained there (earned according to a highly complex and secretly guarded system) will be carried forward to next year.

The rules are:

  • Enter as many events as you like.
  • You will score against other BMC athletes in the same event, so if you enter an event together this should result in friendly rivalry.
  • Your best 3 scores will count.
  • Athletes must be entered as ‘Brighton Multisports’ to count (otherwise I can’t find them on the results!).

As background, I have tried to keep events local, fairly cheap (I haven’t included the Brighton Triathlon for example) and provide a range.  For the non-swimmers there are running and duathlon events, for non runners there are swimming and aqua bike events and of course the Saltman, for which points can be gained for each discipline separately, so everyone ought to be able to have a shot at entering a couple of things, but the premise is that the ‘multisports’ title should really go to a multisport athlete which is why you will have to do a few events!





22-04-18 Bluebell Run 10km- Run                              

13-05-18 East Grinstead Tri – Sprint tri                       


13-05-18 Saltman Middle Distance Tri                                 Points awarded for each discipline separately as well as the complete event.                                                                                                 See Pete or Hildi/Jon for entry

03-06-18 Sussex Sprint – open water Aquathlon        

03-06-18 Sussex Sprint Tri open water tri                  

10-06-18 Mid Sussex Aquabike                                  

20-06-18 (Weds)  Swim the Lake 1.5km – swim         

28-07-18 Southcoast Triathlon – Olympic dist             

03-09-18 Uckfield Duathlon                                        


Weekend of 22/23 December date and time TBC             Saltman Winter Grit      (points awarded for NEXT year’s championship!)