Yesterday I completed the 3.8k Seahorse Swim at Studland Bay in Dorset.

Studland Bay is a Marine Conservation Zone due to the declining numbers of seahorses that are there!  The beach is owned by the National Trust and it’s just beautiful there.  The swim is organised by a local and really friendly open water swimming club and its a very popular event, I did it last year and had such an amazing time.  This year though I’m surprised that I did complete it!  I was ill at the start of the year and then got post-viral fatigue which has taken a while to get over.  So I had been back for one (just one!) of Brian’s Saturday sessions, but sea-swimming was a different matter.

Having had a couple of panic attacks while swimming on my own in the sea at the end of last year, I had barely managed to get my face in the sea recently without panicking.  However, Pete-the-Bike had helped me do one, roughly 20 minute sea swim last week….. so I had done a ‘bit’ of training!  Fortunately yesterday the swim was beautiful.  The sea was probably around 15 degrees and really clear, no jellyfish spotted down in Dorset, sadly no seahorses seen either!  I was wetsuited, and the swim was so well supported by the safety crew that I didn’t have any panicky moments.  It felt like a very long way to swim, I regularly stopped and had a chat with the lovely, friendly safety crew on their paddle-boards and kayaks.  Eventually I got round in 1 hour 50 minutes…!  I was nearly last.

Jill Rocky did amazingly in the 3.8k non-wetsuit race – well done Jill!  Today I can barely lift my arms beyond a ‘Christmas-tree style’, but no doubt I’ll enter again next year