We were holidaying near Bournemouth, and low and behold there was an aquathon on nearby, and as I had my wetsuit and shoes in the car so that was decided, despite my lack of training.

After many, many triathlons this was my first aquathon, why do some people call them aquathlons spelt with an L?

A cool but sunny day made for ideal conditions, as was a flat sea. There were about 40 starters for the 750m swim, after a few hundred earlier for the tris.

So it was a plodding swim around a square route round the buoys and up the sandy beach, but I was not out last ! My watch subsequently showed I had swum 1.47k (quite possible given my sighting that day), so either I was stunningly fast or it confirmed my watch does not do distance when swimming; I know which I prefer, I also know what is most likely.

Then for the hard bit. When I did the triathlon some years ago the transition was by the pier and it was a short run. This time it was uphill, up the famous zig zag climb to the top of the cliffs, possibly the steepest run I have done, after the Jack and Jill 10k run of yesteryear.

Anyhow that was fine, a slow transition for me then off on the run, downhill to the pier than out and back along the prom with 1k markers. At 3k I looked to be doing a good, ‘out of season’ time, and was able to sprint with and get ahead of ano competitor for the finish, but to finish 2 seconds outside my hoped for run time. But good fun. So now, maybe some park runs after swimming in the winter before the Brighton half in February.

Richard (ex Oz)